2010 Summer Music Technology Workshops:
Featuring Four TI:ME Workshops & Six Others:

Mastering Music & Its Courseware
Sibelius: Entry-Intermediate Levels
General Music
Web Designing with Blogging & Podcasting!
Private Lessons

1 & 2 Graduate Credits Available From Adams State College

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Taught by John Kuzmich, Jr., Ph.D.
TI:ME Certified Institutional Member-Instructor

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Summer Workshop Schedule

Workshop Distinctions:

  1. All workshops are purposely small and can be taken either in Denver, Colorado and/or remotely by videoconferencing.
  2. Sliding discounted honorarium fees available for all enrollees along with affordable college credit fees

Here's a breakdown of the music technology workshops being taught this summer in collaboration with Adams State College.

TI:ME Course co-sponsored by the
Technology Institute for Music Educators

Popular-Favorite Workshops
  1. June 10-12 and 21-22: Mastering Music or Band-In-A-Box
  2. July 16-17: Mastering Music & Its Courseware
  3. August 16-20: Mastering Music & Its Courseware
Summer Workshop Calendar

   1. June 2010: 

   2. July 2010: 

   3. August 2010

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